Motorcycle Gifts

Motorcycle Gifts – How To Impress a Biker

Are you looking for a motorcycle gift? Selecting the right motorbike gift can be a tough challenge… Let us help you with some pro tips to select the best possible motorcycle gifts you can find including budget estimates.

If you have any other cool motorcycle gift ideas: leave your comment below!

Motorcycle Scarf or Neck Tube

Budget: from $20 to $60

Silk Motorcycle Scarf

By far one of the most stylish and practical motorcycle gifts: a comfortable motorcycle scarf or neck tube with a cool design. It’s not only a piece for style purposes; it also keeps riders warm when riding their steel horse. There are tons of variations to pick from, so suit yourself and try to find the right style.

Key Tag

Budget: from $5 to $15

Key Tag

The motorcycle is a pretty important machine for most bikers, so everything is thought over, from color to tires. A cool key tag is one of the many items that give the bike a little personality. There are literally millions of key tags around, but we strongly suggest to not only look al style but also to the practicality. One should be recognizable, but also durable. It’s also important that when the key is in the ignition, the key tag does not damage the bike when riding.

Baby Suit / Onesie

Budget: from $15 to $30

Not for the biker, but for his/her kid! Definitely one of the most fun gifts out there: a baby suit or onesie for babies. If one of your motorcycle-fanatic friends becomes a parent, there is nothing cooler than giving something personal for their newborn. There are tons of cool baby suits out there, but you can find some really cool motorcycle-minded baby suits right here.

Tool Kit

Budget: $50 and up

Motorcycle Tool Kit

Breaking down on the side of the road can be a real day-breaker. But in most cases, a quick fix can get you back on the bike in no-time. So as a biker it’s always a good idea to have a small tool kit with some essential tools in it.

So if you have a decent budget, you can make your motorcycle-riding friend smile by buying a practical motorcycle tool kit. They come in all kinds of variants. Some just with the eye on practicality which you can just put under the seat. Some also cover a style aspect and are available in a beautiful leather case. Take a look around on Pinterest to get an idea of the right type.

Wall Art

Budget: $30 and up

Cafe Racer Wall Art

Art is of course very personal and you’re entering a slippery slope if you buy art as a gift. But when it comes to motorcycle lovers, it really doesn’t matter as long as it has something to do with their passion. And if it doesn’t suit the interior of the living room, they can always put it in the garage ;).

Bonus Tip

If you really want to make an impression and steal the hart of a biker there’s only one ultimate gift: buying a motorcycle! But this will definitely mean to break a piggy bank or two…

Good luck!

Motorcycle Gift


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